Workshop 2017

Wireless Sensing for Urban Hydrology

August 23-25, 2017. Room 223 of the Gorguze Family Laboratory, University of Michigan.

CUAHSI, NCAR and the Kerkez Lab at University of Michigan have teamed up to host the first Open-Storm workshop, which will be held August 23-25th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The goal of this workshop will be to provide students an end-to-end overview of the role modern sensing technologies will play in the study and management of urban hydrology. We will learn how to program, assemble, and deploy open-source wireless sensor nodes. Students will also learn how to use the CHORDS platform, a new cloud hosted real-time data system developed specifically for geoscientists. All forty registration slot have been filled and we expect participants from academia, government, and industry. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Ann Arbor.


Workshop Prep

Those who have time are highly encouraged to read a few papers and install the necessary software. This will help us move along more smoothly and make the most out of our time.




Wednesday 8/23/17 – Intro and sensing fundamentals

9AM Intro and logistic All organizers
9:15AM Urban hydrology: challenges and opportunities, intro to “Smart” stormwater systems Kerkez
10:15AM Coffee Break
10:30AM Fundamentals of sensing and data acquisitions Kerkez
11:30AM An open source end-to-end urban sensing and control platform Bartos
12:00 AM Hands-on: Overview of the programming environment Kerkez
12:30PM Lunch
1:30PM Hands-on: Digital IO logic and control – “Blinky” Kerkez
2:00PM Hands-on: Reading data from a sensor Bartos
3PM Break
3:20PM Hands-on: Sending your sensor data to the web. Download the example project here. Those who finish quickly can try out other sensors or bring their own. Bartos
5:30PM Adjourn
 All workshop project solutions are available for download on

Thursday 8/24/17 – Data services and sensor node fabrication

9AM Introduction to the EarthCube CHORDS data platform Martin/Daniels
9:40AM Setting up a CHORDS real-time data portal  


10:30AM Break
10:45AM Setting up a CHORDS real-time data portal (continued) Bartos
11:45AM Hands-on: Sending sensor data to CUAHSI’s data center Clark/Dye
12:30PM Lunch
1PM Hands-on: Putting together the whole systems – Solar panels, batteries and enclosures Watershed Tour Kerkez
3:30PM Break
3:50PM Assemble and prepare sensor nodes for next day’s deployment Watershed Tour Kerkez
5:30PM Adjourn
6:30PM Optional group dinner – Mark’s Food Carts & Bills Beer Garden Downtown Ann Arbor

Friday 8/25/17 – Deployments and Tours

9AM Depart in groups to deploy sensor nodes. Various group leaders
12:30PM Lunch
1:30PM Reconvene on campus to monitor deployed nodes. Depart in groups to deploy sensor nodes (as needed). Kerkez
4PM Adjourn as necessary


Getting There

The workshop will be held on the University of Michigan’s North Campus, in room 223 of the Gorguze Family Laboratory (2609 Draper Dr.). If you are staying at one of the designated hotels, transportation will be arranged. Otherwise, public transit works really well, as do ridehare services, such as Uber and Lyft. Paid opublic parking is available right by the building in case you plan to drive yourself (please see map below).

Building and entrance

epb download


IMG_2396 IMG_2397

Visitor parking (VP) is labeled. There is a lot right across the street of the building.