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We’re working to assemble a general set of resources to help you learn more about “smart” water systems. Please see our list below, which features papers by our partners and many others. Please feel free to email us if you want us to link to your paper or any other relevant resources.


Featured Reading


Open storm: a complete framework for sensing and control of urban watersheds Matthew Bartos, Brandon Wong, Branko Kerkez; Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology; Royal Society of Chemistry

Smarter Stormwater Systems Branko Kerkez, Cyndee Gruden, Matthew Lewis, Luis Montestruque, Marcus Quigley, Brandon Wong, Alex Bedig, Ruben Kertesz, Tim Braun, Owen Cadwalader, Aaron Poresky, and Carrie Pak; American Chemical Publications

Emerging investigators series: building a theory for smart stormwater systems Abhiram Mullapudi, Brandon P. Wong, and Branko Kerkez; Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology; Royal Society of Chemistry

Adaptive Measurements of Urban Runoff Quality Brandon P. Wong and Branko Kerkez Water Resources Research; AGU Publications

Real-time environmental sensor data: An application to water quality using web services Brandon Wong and Branko Kerkez; Elsevier


Water Quality and Conservation Benefits Achieved via Real Time Control Retrofit of Stormwater Management Facilities near Austin, Texas Brandon Klenzendorf, Michael Barrett, Marty Christman, and Marcus Quigley; StormCon 2015

Improving the Viability of Stormwater Harvesting through Rudimentary Real Time Control Alastair R. Rohrer and Neil P. Armitage; Water 2017

Continuous monitoring and adaptive control— the internet of things transforms stormwater management Jamie Lefkowitz, Alexa Sarmanian, and Marcus Quigley; Journal of the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) p.44

Transforming Our Cities: High-Performance Green Infrastructure Marcus Quigley and Casey Brown Water Environment Resources Foundation (WERF); IWA Publishing

Globally Coordinated Distributed Storm Water Management System Luis Montestruque and M.D. Lemmon

Talk Data to Me: Using Smart Technology to Decode Data OHM Advisors; The Advancing Communities Show

Talk Data to Me: How Oakland County Harnesses Big Sewer Data with H2OmetricsGreat lakes reporterAmerican Public Works Association

Big Pipes Plus Low Flows Equals Cost Savings Timothy Ruggaber, P.E., EmNet, LLC; Oluwale McFoy, P.E., Buffalo Sewer Authority

Using Neural Networks for Advanced Data Analytics and Operational Improvements Melissa Davidson, EmNet, LLC; Alireza Partovi, EmNet, LLC; Luis Montestruque, EmNet, LLC; Melissa Gatterdam, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati; Biju George, District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority



Papers and articles

Mollerup, P. S. Mikkelsen, D. Thornberg, and G. Sin, “Controlling sewer systems – a critical review based on systems in three EU cities,” http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1573062X.2016.1148183, 2016.

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Muschalla, B. Vallet, F. Anctil, P. Lessard, G. Pelletier, and P. A. Vanrolleghem, “Ecohydraulic-driven real-time control of stormwater basins,” J. Hydrol., vol. 511, pp. 82–91, 2014.

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“Poresky, A.; Boyle, R.; Cadwalader, O. Piloting Real Time Control Retrofits of Stormwater Facilities: Two Oregon Case Studies and Beyond. In Proceedings of the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association, 2015.”


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