While there are a number of open-source hardware platforms out there (arduino, raspberry pi, etc.), our experience has shown that they are not rated to withstand the harsh environments of many real-world deployments. We love these platforms for hobby projects and learning, but we needed to build a platform that could withstand the harsh temperatures and exposures of water applications.


We’ve built an industrially-rated platform that will allow you to easily plug in a variety of analog and digital sensors and transmit data wirelessly over a cellular network. We also support a suite of popular sensors for measurements such as water depth, soil moisture and water quality.  We’ve also written most of the code, so you can just focus on your application. Best of all, it’s pretty cheap.


Getting data from a sensor is one thing, but you’ll need scalable, secure and robust backend tools to help your aggregate, store and process these readings. We’ve put together some powerful but easy-to-use algorithms and architectures that help you leverage recent cloud services for your water projects. Check out our github site for more info.




We’ve built some simple-to-assemble controllers that can be attached to existing stormwater sites (ponds, barrels, green roofs, etc) to control the flow of water before and during storm events. Check out our Github for assembly instructions of our real-time controllers.

Get going

Start downloading existing designs on our github repo


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